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RM375.00 RM499.00
Yamaha Venova YVS-100 Pocket Plastic Saxophone Casual Wind Instrument (YVS100)
Price RM375.00 RM499.00
Product SKU YVS100
Brand Yamaha
Size (L x W x H) 460 mm x 90 mm x 55 mm
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  • Material Body: ABS resin
  • Key: C (Range: C40-C64, 2 octaves)
  • Body Type: One-piece
  • Dimensions: L 460mm, W 90mm, H 55mm (with mouthpiece and cap)
  • Weight: 180g (with mouthpiece and cap)
  • Color: White
  • Accesories: Mouthpiece (equivalent to Yamaha 4C mouthpiece for soprano saxophones), Mouthpiece cap, ligature, synthetic (resin) reed, cleaning swab, owner’s manual, Let’s Play Venova! (Guidebook), Case (with strap)



Use of “branched pipe”



With a "branched pipe" added to the cylindrical bore, the tone of a conical bore instrument (e.g., saxophone) is achieved in compact size.


Meandering pipe



A meandering pipe is used to shrink the distance between tone holes for a simplified structure to minimize the use of keys.

Easy fingering similar to recorders that is easy to play even for those who are new to wind instruments.


Durable, easy-to-handle material



The body made with ABS resin is durable and washable with water.

With a Durable resin reed and synthetic pads (for key parts), cleaning is easy.


Easy to start



In addition to the owner’s manual, the “Let’s Play Venova!” guidebook includes tips on posture, sound production, and controlling pitch and tone. It also contains sample songs.Even those who are completely new to wind instruments can have fun while learning.





Dimension: L 507mm , W 125mm , H 68mm(with strap)

Weight: 508g (with strap)





Top: Cleaning swab

Bottom: Synthetic (resin) reed


What's in the box
  • Saxophone *1
  • Mouthpiece *1
  • Mouthpiece cap *1
  • Ligature *1
  • Synthetic (resin) reed *1
  • Cleaning swab *1
  • Owner’s manual *1
  • Let’s Play Venova! (guidebook) *1
  • Case (with strap) *1
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