Professional Guitar Repair, Setup, and Services in Puchong, Bandar Puteri
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Guitar Repair & Services

Guitar Repair, Setup and Service

Welcome to Emusic's Guitar Repair department. Our much-experienced Guitar service technician is ready and committed for any instrument faulty tasks and we promised to deliver to our customer’s satisfaction in retaining the best result on the serviced or repaired product.

Guitar Bridge Repair

Our general services include Restring and General Cleaning, Setup, Repair, Refret, Pickup, and Electronic Installation.

Wiring, Modification, Soldering and more

If you do have queries, talk to us and we are here to solve your product’s problem. There’s nothing that couldn’t be solved when there’s a will, there’s a way. Thank You for choosing us. 

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General Service

Electric Guitar/ Fixed Bridge RM 15
Electric Guitar/ Floyd Rose RM 25
Acoustic Guitar RM 15
Classical Guitar/ Nylon RM 20
Bass RM 20
Ukulele Guitar/ Ukulele Bass RM 10
Violin/ Cello RM 20

Refret service available

Full Setup and Intonation

Main Categories (Elec.Gtr Fixed Bridge, Elec.Gtr FR Bridge, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar) -
Basic Set-Up RM 150
Full Set-Up RM 250
Fret Levelling RM 100
Neck Adjustment RM 35
Pickup Sound Balancing RM 35 - RM 50                   

Stainless Steel refret service available too


Main Categories (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar)  -
Each Fret RM 45
Full Refret RM 800 - RM900  

* All price depend on fingerboard (rosewood/ maple) and neck (bolt on/ set/ through)
* Fret leveling includes for full refret 
Pickup installation, noise reduce, remove static all can be done.

Pickup Installation & Electronic

Pickup Acoustic LR.Baggs (modification output only and sound balancing) RM 85                        
Pickup Acoustic/ Classical (body modification, output and sound balancing) RM 300 - RM 350
Pickup Electric Guitar and Bass RM 50 Per Pickup
3 Way Selector Switch RM 35
5 Way Selector Switch RM 60
Volume and Tone Pot RM 25
Output Socket RM 15
Push/ Pull tone and Volume pot RM 35
Kill Switch RM 25
Full Wiring (Includes Canare Cable) RM 150

Machine Head

Main Categories ( Normal, Modification ) -
6 String Electric, Acoustic Normal RM 20, Modification RM 35
Bass Normal RM 20, Modification RM 35
12 String Normal RM 35, Modification RM 65
Fiddle Normal RM 15, Modification RM 30

Bridge, Nut, and Saddle

Bone Nut (customize size, set optimum height) RM 35   
Bone Saddle (customize size, set optimum height) RM 35
Electric FR Locking out RM 35
Electric FR bridge sys (full setup and body modification includes) RM 350 - RM 500
Electric Fixed Bridge (full setup and body modification includes) RM 400 - RM 600                                                             

Broken/ Split

Headstock RM 350 - RM 600
Bridge RM 380
Back or Top RM 120 - RM 600
Neck, body joint RM 120 - RM 600

*This service may need partial refinish for the best result. 

*** All price(s) above are subject to change without prior notice and were updated on 6th June 2020.


Guitar Care

In order to keep guitars and basses in top shape, we recommend that they be professionally set up and checked out every six months. Since most guitars are made of wood, seasonal climate changes can make some adjustments necessary. Also, normal wear and tear (such as fret wear) can be addressed before it causes any serious problems. In addition to the six months "check-up" by a qualified technician, there are some things you should do to maintain your guitar.

Keeping It Clean

Each time after you play, wipe off the strings with a clean cloth because The dirt and oil left on the strings after playing will oxidize and kill your tone.
String oxidation is usually the cause of strings to sound "Dead." It can also cause premature breakage,
Whether you have an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, there are parts that can become loose.
If you plug your instrument in, the input jack is almost always the first part to need some attention.

Be careful! It seems like no big deal to grab a wrench and crank that input jack nut until it tightens up.
We cannot tell you how many guitars we have gotten that "just stopped working" after the input jack was tightened.
It is very easy to turn the whole jack and tear the wires and, suddenly have no output.
Just be gentle when you're turning the nut. Make sure you can see that the whole jack isn't turning.
If you can get to the underside of the jack ( where the wires are soldered ) without too much trouble, take the time to do it.
That way, you can hold the jack while tightening the nut.

Setup can make your action lower and more comfortable without any buzzing

If you can not get to the underside of the jack without a lot of trouble, ( most acoustics come to mind ) or you find that the jack keeps getting loose - take it to your favorite guitar technician to have it taken care of. Since it's something we do often, we can tighten it up and drop a lock washer on the inside pretty quickly.